Interior Design Trends for 2019

Interior Design Trends for 2019

Interior Design Trends for 2019

The beginning of the year brings to the design the formulation of several dominant trends that will mark the new interior design projects.

To find out what’s hot for 2019, we’ve dropped some interior design trends for you. These ideas just might inspire you to make some improvements.

Materials, textures and natural ambiance

General appetite for natural and “natural” is on the rise for some aesthetic reasons or “eco-awarness” options. On the other hand, it is also fueled by the desire to get spaces of character without resorting to complex stylistic artifices.

This trend is found both in customer choices and in the producers’ efforts to explore new expressive formulas based on natural materials.

Textural Touches – texture adds depth and warmth to any space and really helps to make a home feel finished.

Designers are eliciting tactile responses, not just visual ones, with schemes that incorporate stone, velvet, woven rope, wool and even inorganic materials like neoprene. Materials with a rough-hewn or organic quality engage not just the eye but the sense of touch

Opening to natural light, gorgeous landscapes, or stage design with zenith light express a natural appetite that will never be out of tendency. The use of earth tones to obtain a serene atmosphere is found in recent trends.

Back in Black

Black is a classic color that never goes out of style and trend, but enthusiasm for color and flow becomes as fashionable.

The effect of black can be dramatic, sexy and unexpected.

Traditionally, black paint was used as an accent hue for exteriors—on a front door or shutters, for example—but now is seeing a rise in all-black facades and fencing. Black tends to highlight the silhouette of a house in a sophisticated, architectural sense.

For bathrooms or even kitchens, a fresh trend is the use of materials in intense black tones, for example matte black accessories.

Black and white combinations in interior design are a rising trend. They are also written in a scenographic approach, creating abstract ambience, which refers to a retro-modernist decor, to the surrealistic aesthetics or to the atmosphere of black and white films.

The use of black and white in decorating gives a fresh, clean, unquestionably sophisticated and elegant look to any room.

Strong and refined colors

The dominant chromatic palette predicted for 2019 highlights, along with the shape register, the accent on the scenographic character of space. Whether we are talking about sober or jovial colors, they decorate both the space of the walls and the surface of the furniture.

The color of 2019 – Living Coral – brings to light the very general trend towards intense, vibrating colors, connected both with natural elements and with a (spatial) graphism of space. It is added as a preference to saturated red, green or blue tones.

Pastels are not abandoned, but they will often be associated with a strong-colored furniture and a vibrant, tactile texture (the velvet remains current).

Mixed Styles

70s Design vs. Mid-Century – although the Mid-Century references (the design of the 50’s) – especially as furniture pieces – remain a feature in interior design, their density is declining. The preferences move slowly towards the design of the 70’s. This means warm, intense tones, sophisticated textures, and objects with abstract silhouette.

A general trend in furniture, linked to both the new retrospectives and the current evolution of the design, is that the furniture pieces become softer and increasingly use curved elements.

Metallic Tones

In metallic material, brass holds the main place, well ahead of the stainless steel or nickel. Whether it’s furniture items, bathroom accessories, lighting fixtures or decorations, brass is a sophisticated and up-to-date choice. We meet it both in matte and glossy finish.

Along with brass, semi-gloss copper accents remain a preference, coming to emphasize the palette of strong colors used in contemporary environments.

Last but not least, in support of the sophisticated abundance of appetite, combinations of different metals, harmonized as a proportion or degree of gloss, were stated. Often, these combinations include vintage or retro objects, integrated into a complex setting.

A sophisticated and precious note can also bring the accents of noble stone or fine glass, found in furnishings, lighting fixtures, accessories, but also in mosaic-clad surfaces.

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